The resort of Playa Den Bossa is fast becoming synonymous with clubbing in Ibiza and is set to overtake the other island resorts as the destination of choice for those coming to Ibiza for all the island has to offer the European club scene. Although a little less extreme than, say San Antonio, Playa Den Bossa houses the now world famous Space nightclub, with the advantage that it is actually in the resort itself.

Space, founded in the late 80’s by local businessman Pepe Rosello has evolved to become a Mecca for clubbers from all over the world who flock to the club throughout the season and especially for the famous opening and closing parties. Open for most of the day and night,it also hosts a 22 hour marathon party on Sundays from 8am Sunday morning ‘til 6am Mondays. Space grew through the 80’s and 90’s in sync with the rise of the DJ stars and plays host to the DJ elite from all over the world. With the atmospheric main room and the world famous Space terrace the club has become a favorite among DJ’s the world over, some of whom who have been known to treat the crowds to a spontaneous set in their own time.

The resort itself has adapted well to this phenomena with the famous Bora Bora bar on the beach being the most well known of the many pre-club dance bars Playa den Bossa has to offer. Take a walk down the main street at night and the atmosphere is as amazing as the choice is varied, encompassing Spanish cafes and restaurants, disco bars, Irish and English bars, cocktail bars and an international mix of clubbers and holiday makers.
For those who want the full Ibiza club experience there are also regular disco buses to all the main clubs on the island that run from the resort throughout the night.
Having originally been purely a family resort Playa den Bossa can still offer nightlife for those there with the children too. (Probably best outside the peak clubbing months of July and August)There is a children’s fair and small market open in the evenings and a vast choice of very reasonably priced restaurants and friendly bars not geared to the pre-club dance bar scene along with all the usual fast food outlets you would expect in any holiday destination.

Since the inception of Space and the growth of the town that inevitably came with the success of the club Playa den Bossa has evolved into a town which has almost become a party venue in itself and the best way to experience all it has to offer is to come and join the fiesta! The atmosphere speaks for itself.